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How to hire a nanny


Hiring a nanny for the first time can be daunting and stressful. Often families hiring a nanny for the first time are unsure of where to look, what qualifications and experience to look for, what questions to ask and what are current pay rates, tax obligations and employment laws. A Nanny McPhee consultant can sit down and talk you through all these subjects and provide guidance and resources to get you on the right track to hiring your first nanny.


Find me a nanny package

1-3 Days Placement: $400.00

4-7 Days Placement: $650.00

With the Nanny McPhee ‘Find me a nanny’ package we can take the time and stress out of finding your next nanny.


Help me hire a nanny

1-3 Days Placement: $650.00

4-7 Days Placement: $900.00

If you would like even further help with hiring a nanny the ‘Help me hire a nanny’ package may be the perfect option for you.


Hire me a nanny

1-3 Days Placement: $1050.00

4-7 Days Placement: $1300.00

The ‘Hire me a nanny’ package includes everything from the ‘Help me hire a nanny’ package but we then take it a step further.


Nanny McPhee Premium Package

1-3 Days Placement: $1750.00

4-7 Days Placement: $2050.00

‘The Premium’ package is absolutely everything you need to get your nanny started on the best path to have your household up and running with minimum stress to you.


Nanny contracts


Before placing a nanny we ensure that the duties he/she is expected to perform are both realistic and reflective of the pay rate. A consultant will liaise with the family to tailor a contract and detailed job description that outlines key responsibilities, pay rates, hours, house rules etc. This will be presented to the nanny for any revisions before negotiating a fair and clear agreement between both parties.


Train my nanny


A Nanny McPhee Consultant can spend 3 hours in your home helping you Nanny establish a routine and schedule. This can either be used in two 90-minute visits or one 3-hour session. They will then provide both the nanny and family with a schedule and feedback.


Nanny McPhee Communication Diary


The Nanny McPhee diary is an invaluable tool in helping your family and nanny communicate effectively.