Mediation Services

Starting job role and contract


Before placing a nanny, we ensure that the duties he/she is expected to perform are both realistic and reflective of the pay rate. A consultant will liaise with the family to tailor a contract and detailed job description that outlines key responsibilities, pay rates, hours, house rules etc. This will be presented to the nanny for any revisions before negotiating a fair and clear agreement between both parties.


Contract and job role review


At Nanny McPhee, we understand that family circumstances change. A new baby arrives or a child starts school. At times like these, we can make this transition easier by redefining the nanny’s role so that both parties are happy with the new arrangements.


Performance assessment

90 Minutes: $180.00

3 Hours: $360.00

At Nanny McPhee, we can provide an assessment of your nanny’s performance. The evaluation will take place in your home and our consultant’s report would include advice on any changes that could be made to their role or approach with the family.

Please contact us to obtain a quote for a longer or full day consultation.


Emergency mediation

Emergency Mediation: $150.00

Emergency Mediation Including New Contract: $190.00

Unfortunately, there are times when communication can break down between a family and its nanny. At Nanny McPhee, our experienced consultants will step in to mediate and resolve the issue between you and your nanny in the fairest way possible. When required we can also draw up a new contract in agreement with both parties.


Formal warning and termination letter


As with any employment problems can arise and contracts and job roles come to an end. Nanny McPhee can assist you through this process by writing a clear professional letter to pass onto your nanny ensuring you are being both fair and meeting all legal requirements.