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Why should you hire a Nanny?

Jacqueline McPhee - Saturday, November 11, 2017

Families hire nannies for different reasons. Unlike many daycare facilities, a nanny offers flexibility; the convenience of coming to home to children who have been bathed and fed, who have had a nap in their own bed, eaten healthy food and attended activities best suited to their temperament. In addition, when you have several children, a nanny is often a cheaper alternative to daycare.

Nannies make their careers out of caring for children and will not only bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from looking after other families but they also seek out appropriate and stimulating activities to help your child realise his/her full potential.

For most families, once they have found a good nanny, they hold onto them for dear life. A wonderful nanny is a fantastic asset to a family and makes everyone’s life easier. A good nanny will notice when you are low on milk, check homework, take care of the children’s laundry and have them ready when you walk through the door so that you can spend quality time with them.

Not only will engaging a nanny help your household run more smoothly but your children will have another special adult in their lives. If you need to travel for business, your nanny can step in with limited or no disruption to your children’s routine. Most importantly, your nanny will love and care for your children as fiercely as you do and will do everything to keep them happy, healthy and safe.