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Primary Services

Babysitting Services

Our babysitting and temp service aims to provide honest, reliable, and trustworthy babysitting support to meet both ongoing and/or short notice needs. You can be guaranteed that our babysitters undergo the same interviewing process as our nannies with each candidate meeting the following minimum requirements:

* Minimum of 2 Reference checks
* Working with Children/Blue card check
* Current First Aid Certificate

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Consulting Services

We take the stress out of connecting families with nannies.

At Nanny McPhee we aim to take the stress out of hiring a nanny. If you’re hiring a nanny for the first time and not sure what you should be asking, what pay rate you should be looking at and what the rules and regulations are around hiring and paying your nanny, we can help. If you have worked with nannies before but don’t have time to pour through adverts and resume’s and do reference checks – we can take care of that for you. We can create you a short list of applicants for you to meet face to face and even assist or sit in on interviews if required. We can offer a range of services and packages to suit your needs.

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Education Services

Ongoing Education and Training for Nannies and Au Pairs.

Nanny McPhee offers ongoing education for your nanny to ensure they can keep up with all aspects of your growing family. Whether you nanny needs guidance on toilet training, transitioning your child to solids and finger foods, preparation of nutritious foods and diet requirements, to school preparation, assisting with homework, dealing with a difficult teenager or the arrival of a newborn which they have no experience with.

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Mediation Services

Communication is essential to any successful relationship and communication with your nanny is no exception.

As your child grows and reaches new developmental milestones your nanny’s role will change. When a child drops nap time or needs more stimulation and interaction, a nanny will suddenly have less time on her hands. Alternatively, when a child starts school, a nanny will have more time available in the middle of the day.

As a result, it is important parents recognize that as the demands placed on a nanny change, so should the expectations around the role. Clear and regular communication between nannies and families will prevent misunderstandings and ensure that a family’s needs are being met at each stage of a child’s development.

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Payroll Services

Let us take care of all your employer tax requirements.

Our payroll service can take care of all your tax requirements sending invoices to the employer and a pay slip to the nanny. We will include all details required by law including accrued leave, sick leave, YTD totals, entitlements and super fund details. These can be sent either electronically or by post. There will also be an end of year Payment Summary sent to your employee. We will also complete and file all Payment Summaries to the ATO on your behalf as well as mandatory super contributions. We will register you and your employee with the ATO, your nominated super fund and take care of all filing requirements throughout the financial year.

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Bringing Nannies & Familes Together

Training Courses

Launching soon, our new 'Short Course' training series aims to provide carers new to the nanny profession with the practical skills and education required to work in today's busy households. Our four day intensive courses are an ideal way of gaining skills up to date with industry standards.

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